They are all over the world, we are all over the world.

Hi! My name is Oskar aka Brol. I am a member of Vikings of Anatolia. I have played for 5 years now as a sneaky scout and medic and I run an HPA m4. And I hope I will expand my play style and meet more awesome people in this community.

Hi! My name is Johan and I go with the callsign: Snowman. I have been playing for over 11 years now, I mostly play with an AK now HPA powered, and my MP5. My playstyle is that more of an ambush or methodical gameplays than “run and gun”. I live in the northern part of Sweden.


Hello! My name is Marc, aka Karlsign Marx, I’m a psychology student from Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft for about 3 years now, the same time when I together with Spork and Mini founded our team S.I.G airsoft. I’m an aggressive/flanker style player but I like to go for the objectives first to ensure team victory whenever possible.

I like to run kits that are impressions of real armed forces since I feel that there are too many spec-ops type kits out there and too few regular grunt kits, I currently have one Swedish Army kit and one Polish Army kit.


Hi! My name is Raymon aka callsign_theking, 48y from Dalecarlia in Sweden. I’m the founder of Team miffo airsoft Sweden and proud member of Vikings of Anatolia. I’ve played for about 8y as an active team player in a but done this solo for a long time. My style is randomly chosen with the motto “Adapt or Die”. Weapons of choice depends on the environment and role chosen for me. Mainly I use my Tippmann M4 custom as a primary and my Umarex Hk USP Compact GBBfor secondary.


Hey, my name is Louise AKA Mini. I’m a member of the team Airsoft Anatolia in Sweden. I’m also the first woman of the team here in Sweden and it makes me so proud.
I have played airsoft for 2,5 years and I can’t wait for more years to come. At this moment I play with my beloved ARP9 and I wear my black kit as standard when playing CQB games with Airsoft Anatolia otherwise I prefer the Swedish M90.


My name is Max Norman “Callsign spork”, and a member of Vikings of Anatolia in Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft the last 3 years, mostly with my b-e-a-utiful GK5C and later on its little brother GK5D. Since day one I’ve strived to get a kit as accurate to the Swedish Armed Forces standard infantry soldier as possible. So if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a sucker for M90.


I am Duke.
Been playing since 2010 and are a member of Vikings of Anatolia airsoft.
Prefer to play as direct action door kicker but do enjoy the forests once in while as a bushwhacking recon marksman.
Running TM next gen MK18 and WE G19.


I am Callsign UA.01 and besides Anatolia member, I am also a member of S.I.G Airsoft where I usually play rifleman. I’ve been playing for about 3 years. For me, team work is everything.
My favorite weapon is AK5C and AK5D and Glock 17 as a sidearm. I mostly wear M90 camo or in a black uniform.


Hey, I’m a Norwegian Airsoft player that has played for 9-10 years now. I’m a semi-aggressive player. It depends on the kit I run if I go for the black kit I’m pretty aggressive. I also have a ghillie sniper kit that I use for the sneaky business. Camo patterns: black and green zone mixed with granite B


Yo! I’m Hannah aka Pytting, some even call me The Tooth Fairy. I’ve played for 6 years now and love it! I am a proud member of Anatolia Sweden and still belong to Tactical Airheads and SweAirsoft4Ladies. I play with my Scorpion Evo and TM High Cappa. And sometimes I even surprise with my E-Raz. When I’m all out I sneak up behind and will do a crazy banana-kill.