Airsoft Anatolia’nın bünyesinde toplam 300’e yakın oyuncu ve 16 takım bulunmaktadır. Bu takımlar Anadolu ve Avrupa etrafına yayılmış olup, her birisi kendilerine farklı misyonlar belirlemiştir. Üye ve takımlarına ait detaylı bilgiler için Takım menüsünü inceleyebilirsiniz. Şu an topluluğumuz da yer alan takımların listesi aşağıdaki gibidir:

  • 57. REGIMENT
  • JOAK
  • KAGE

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Kurucu - JG01


Literally the CEO of Anatolia. In the first quarter of 2012, Serkan was a member of a different airsoft team with Gokhan. They decided to left that team and create the squad of JAGD with a few people. Soon afterwards they mergered with the squad of Wolfpack in Eskisehir and decided to create a new team which will unite all of the squads. So in the mid of 2012, Anatolia borned. Acted very careful about recruitment ever since. That is one of the main reasons that makes Anatolia one of the most elite airsoft communities in the world. Takes a close interest in new players, funny and disciplined personality. He is a sales manager in a very famous food company. Serkans’ armory comprises of more than 4 assault rifles and a Krytac LMG. Takes part as both assault and support player so he is efficient in long range and CQB both. Multicam, Ranger Green and Flecktarn. Also reenacting German KSK from time to time.


Krytac War Sport Licensed LVOA-C M4 VFC HK416 KWA KM4A1 E&L - AK 47 CQB Tokyo Marui COLT 1911 Tokyo Marui GLOCK G17 Gen3
Kurucu - JG02


Gokhan is one of the founding members of Anatolia and team JAGD with an honor of being the first captain in its history. He has no limits; airsoft is just one of many extreme sports he is up to. As a mountain guide he has advanced surviving, rock and ice climbing skills with international first aid certificates. Climbed to mountains such as Aconcauga, Mont Blanc, Elbrus and trekked in Himalayas, Alps, Caucausians and Patagonia several times. Above all else he is an experienced industrial engineer. He also participated abroad airsoft organisations in Netherlands and Germany. His armory hosts a lot of H&K products with various German setups. Also reenacting German KSK and WW2 Grossdeutchland Division from time to time. Jack-of-all-Trades player who is both efficient in long range engagement and CQB.



Ghillie suits; Evren has joined Anatolia more than 7 years ago. Has a very specific job; 3D printer specialist. Serious StarWars fan. He is one of the best sniper (best to some) in all Anatolia teams, very efficient in forest games. Ghillie suits are the most popular… However he gave a break to airsoft due to some personal reasons. He took part in the management of Anatolia before that.


One of the founding members of Anatolia. Funny and positive personality, great photography skills. He is the only player who owns a Systema training rifle among the team, so he can even beat some snipers in long range as an assault player. Not the player you want to encounter in long range engagements. Recently, due to his personal job, he has moved to the city of Izmir, which doesn’t have Anatolia team or squad. He had to have a break for Airsoft for some time.



Tech guy; even tho Tolga has joined Anatolia late of 2017, he joined the Ankara management and the squad of JAGD such a short time. Advanced electronic skills with a profession of drone pilot along with next level photography skill. He has also very critic duty which organizing games in Ankara. Sundust known with long range engagement due to his long range krytac and ssg24 sniper rifle. Also with more than 3 completed different setups he has a really big armory.




Civil engineer with lots of skills…Kayra joined JAGD and Anatolia in the same year which in 2017. Positive personality with a advanced electronic and photography skills, a drummer and developer of Airsoft Anatolia’s web site. With his fully upgraded assault rifle with from Umbrella Armory and a Novritsch SSG24 rifle, he is very dangerous in long range engagements. In short, as of his saying; likes to shoot people literally and figuratively.

Umbrella Armory Krytac LVOA-S Tokyo Marui HK416D UMAREX HK M27 Novritsch SSG24 Tokyo Marui USPC Tokyo Marui Gold Match HI-CAPA 5.1

191 cm
85 kg

Best use in close quarter battle; youngest member of Anatolia has joined the team shortly after age of 18. Created his own squad in 2017. However a year later he disbanded his squad and joined JAGD because of multiple reasons. Currently studying industrial engineering. Because he likes nightlife a little too much, he misses some important from organizations time to time. Reckless personality. He also participated various airsoft organization in different countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Finland. One type armory of his contains a couple of black setups, lots of submachine guns and shotguns. Easy bait in long range engagements. Swift and durable player efficient in CQB. Also known for reenactment with his British SAS and GIGN setups.


Krytac Trident LMG KWA MP9 GBB TM HI-CAPA 4.3

Krytac Mk2 PDW WE Glock 17

Bolt Block II Hellfire VFC VP9

Ares Octarms KM7 KWA H&K45

VFC H&K 416 A5 VFC H&K MP7 GBB VFC Glock 19X

Begadi Lonex HW4 SR HPA TM HI-CAPA 5.1

Ares Octarms KM9 VFC Glock 17 Gen3

Ares Octarms KM9 VFC Glock 17 Gen3

Krytac Mk2 PDW Cyma G18C AEP

G&G GC16 Wild-Hog VFC Glock 17 Gen4

What up Shield brothers and Shieldmaidens Ragnarok Airsoft here! I’ve been playing airsoft for about 8 years now.

I was the first player here in Sweden to join the Ranks of Airsoft Anatolia there for I’m been ranked as a founder here in sweden of Anatolia. A bit here in Sweden we all ourselves “The Vikings Of Anatolia”

I started out as an airsoft sniper, but after some years I decided to evolve my airsoft experience so I like to mix up my guns, gear, and playstyles as much as I can. And I most say to have the opportunity of being part of this awesome Family Airsoft Anatolia is one hell of an experience and honor.

Stay Awesome Vikings hopefully we all meet out on the fields.


Hey my name is Johnny aka The Mechanic
I have played for 2 years but going in on my third year now in October.
I am the captain for the team Vikings Of Anatolia in Sweden and plays as a support gunner, but I also play much with the only pistol or with an m4.

At this moment I only have one HPA gun but it’s gonna be more.


Hi, my name is Magnus but more known as Irish the Duck and I have played airsoft for +6 years. I play in Vikings of Anatolia Sweden and Kage Unit.
My background:
I was a medic in the Swedish military. Also a back-up medic for the Dynsec Academy Stockholm(personal safety education) In these 6 years I have played all branches in military (sniper, support, spec ops, assault and so forth) but my main task is sniper out taking. My weapon of choice, both in and out, is the SCAR. Sidearm is 1911.

And last but not least my mascot/battle friend is AD19 – Attack Duck 2019.


Hey, my name is Emil aka SneakyZone
I have played for like a year soon. I’m just a random dude from Sweden that playing in Vikings of Anatolia Sweden and Kage Unit I’m playing as a recon, but for the most time I’m just using my handgun. At this moment i waiting for the rest of my Japanese kit.


Hi! My name is Oskar aka Brol. I am a member of Vikings of Anatolia. I have played for 5 years now as a sneaky scout and medic and I run an HPA m4.
And I hope I will expand my play style and meet more awesome people in this community.


Hi! My name is Johan and I go with the callsign: Snowman. I have been playing for over 11 years now, I mostly play with an AK now HPA powered, and my MP5. My playstyle is that more of an ambush or methodical gameplays than “run and gun”. I live in the northern part of Sweden.


Hello! My name is Marc, aka Karlsign Marx, I’m a psychology student from Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft for about 3 years now, the same time when I together with Spork and Mini founded our team S.I.G airsoft. I’m an aggressive/flanker style player but I like to go for the objectives first to ensure team victory whenever possible.

I like to run kits that are impressions of real armed forces since I feel that there are too many spec-ops type kits out there and too few regular grunt kits, I currently have one Swedish Army kit and one Polish Army kit.


Hi! My name is Raymon aka callsign_theking, 48y from Dalecarlia in Sweden. I’m the founder of Team miffo airsoft Sweden and proud member of Vikings of Anatolia. I’ve played for about 8y as an active team player in a but done this solo for a long time. My style is randomly chosen with the motto “Adapt or Die”. Weapons of choice depends on the environment and role chosen for me. Mainly I use my Tippmann M4 custom as a primary and my Umarex Hk USP Compact GBBfor secondary.


Hey, my name is Louise AKA Mini. I’m a member of the team Airsoft Anatolia in Sweden. I’m also the first woman of the team here in Sweden and it makes me so proud.
I have played airsoft for 2,5 years and I can’t wait for more years to come. At this moment I play with my beloved ARP9 and I wear my black kit as standard when playing CQB games with Airsoft Anatolia otherwise I prefer the Swedish M90.


My name is Max Norman “Callsign spork”, and a member of Vikings of Anatolia in Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft the last 3 years, mostly with my b-e-a-utiful GK5C and later on its little brother GK5D. Since day one I’ve strived to get a kit as accurate to the Swedish Armed Forces standard infantry soldier as possible. So if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a sucker for M90.


I am Duke.
Been playing since 2010 and are a member of Vikings of Anatolia airsoft.
Prefer to play as direct action door kicker but do enjoy the forests once in while as a bushwhacking recon marksman.
Running TM next gen MK18 and WE G19.


I am Callsign UA.01 and besides Anatolia member, I am also a member of S.I.G Airsoft where I usually play rifleman. I’ve been playing for about 3 years. For me, team work is everything.
My favorite weapon is AK5C and AK5D and Glock 17 as a sidearm. I mostly wear M90 camo or in a black uniform.


Hey, I’m a Norwegian Airsoft player that has played for 9-10 years now. I’m a semi-aggressive player. It depends on the kit I run if I go for the black kit I’m pretty aggressive. I also have a ghillie sniper kit that I use for the sneaky business. Camo patterns: black and green zone mixed with granite B


Swedish airsoft player since 2006. Favorite playstyle is assault and sniper. Current weapon loadout is: G&G SCAR L with EGLM, WE Glock 18c, ICS MGL and ASG M40A3 as sniper.


Yo! I’m Hannah aka Pytting, some even call me The Tooth Fairy. I’ve played for 6 years now and love it! I am a proud member of Anatolia Sweden and still belong to Tactical Airheads and SweAirsoft4Ladies. I play with my Scorpion Evo and TM High Cappa. And sometimes I even surprise with my E-Raz. When I’m all out I sneak up behind and will do a crazy banana-kill.