Swedish airsoft player since 2006. Favorite playstyle is assault and sniper. Current weapon loadout is: G&G SCAR L with EGLM, WE Glock 18c, ICS MGL and ASG M40A3 as sniper.


Hi, my name is Magnus but more known as Irish the Duck and I have played airsoft for +6 years. I play in Vikings of Anatolia Sweden and Kage Unit.
My background:
I was a medic in the Swedish military. Also a back-up medic for the Dynsec Academy Stockholm(personal safety education) In these 6 years I have played all branches in military (sniper, support, spec ops, assault and so forth) but my main task is sniper out taking. My weapon of choice, both in and out, is the SCAR. Sidearm is 1911.

And last but not least my mascot/battle friend is AD19 – Attack Duck 2019.


Hey, my name is Emil aka SneakyZone
I have played for like a year soon. I’m just a random dude from Sweden that playing in Vikings of Anatolia Sweden and Kage Unit I’m playing as a recon, but for the most time I’m just using my handgun. At this moment i waiting for the rest of my Japanese kit.

The MechanIc

Hey my name is Johnny aka The Mechanic
I have played for 2 years but going in on my third year now in October.
I am the captain for the team Vikings Of Anatolia in Sweden and plays as a support gunner, but I also play much with the only pistol or with an m4.

At this moment I only have one HPA gun but it’s gonna be more.

Ragnarok AIrsoft

What up Shield brothers and Shieldmaidens Ragnarok Airsoft here! I’ve been playing airsoft for about 8 years now.

I was the first player here in Sweden to join the Ranks of Airsoft Anatolia there for I’m been ranked as a founder here in sweden of Anatolia. A bit here in Sweden we all ourselves “The Vikings Of Anatolia”

I started out as an airsoft sniper, but after some years I decided to evolve my airsoft experience so I like to mix up my guns, gear, and playstyles as much as I can. And I most say to have the opportunity of being part of this awesome Family Airsoft Anatolia is one hell of an experience and honor.

Stay Awesome Vikings hopefully we all meet out on the fields.