Mehmet Can Serin / Halfvikairsoft

I’m from Turkey and 32 years old.  I’m playing Airsoft since 2005.

At 2015, I moved to Sweden and started to play as a member of  Thor Company till 2017. After three years later, I have decided to join the Airsoft Anatolia.  My dreams came true and as of now I’m one of  their captain.

My gameplay style is mostly likely a long milsim style games more duty and missions type
I love being CQB and assault player but when needed I use my snipers skills  and be sneaky too.
Some of my airsoft weapons are Kriss Vector, Pp5, Ssg24,LR300 shortie version, 1911.

I’m really glad  to be a part of this family. I hope to see you all in the field.
mhv/ Halfvikairsoft


I am Duke.
Been playing since 2010 and are a member of Vikings of Anatolia airsoft.
Prefer to play as direct action door kicker but do enjoy the forests once in while as a bushwhacking recon marksman.
Running TM next gen MK18 and WE G19.


Swedish airsoft player since 2006. Favorite playstyle is assault and sniper. Current weapon loadout is: G&G SCAR L with EGLM, WE Glock 18c, ICS MGL and ASG M40A3 as sniper.

Hey, I’m a Norwegian Airsoft player that has played for 9-10 years now. I’m a semi-aggressive player. It depends on the kit I run if I go for the black kit I’m pretty aggressive. I also have a ghillie sniper kit that I use for the sneaky business. Camo patterns: black and green zone mixed with granite B


My name is Max Norman “Callsign spork”, and a member of Vikings of Anatolia in Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft the last 3 years, mostly with my b-e-a-utiful GK5C and later on its little brother GK5D. Since day one I’ve strived to get a kit as accurate to the Swedish Armed Forces standard infantry soldier as possible. So if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a sucker for M90.


Hey, my name is Louise AKA Mini. I’m a member of the team Airsoft Anatolia in Sweden. I’m also the first woman of the team here in Sweden and it makes me so proud.
I have played airsoft for 2,5 years and I can’t wait for more years to come. At this moment I play with my beloved ARP9 and I wear my black kit as standard when playing CQB games with Airsoft Anatolia otherwise I prefer the Swedish M90.


Yo! I’m Hannah aka Pytting, some even call me The Tooth Fairy. I’ve played for 6 years now and love it! I am a proud member of Anatolia Sweden and still belong to Tactical Airheads and SweAirsoft4Ladies. I play with my Scorpion Evo and TM High Cappa. And sometimes I even surprise with my E-Raz. When I’m all out I sneak up behind and will do a crazy banana-kill.

Karlsign Marx

Hello! My name is Marc, aka Karlsign Marx, I’m a psychology student from Sweden. I’ve been playing airsoft for about 3 years now, the same time when I together with Spork and Mini founded our team S.I.G airsoft. I’m an aggressive/flanker style player but I like to go for the objectives first to ensure team victory whenever possible.

I like to run kits that are impressions of real armed forces since I feel that there are too many spec-ops type kits out there and too few regular grunt kits, I currently have one Swedish Army kit and one Polish Army kit.