Gökhan Hisarcıklar

Kurucu - JG02 //



Gokhan is one of the founding members of Anatolia and team JAGD with an honor of being the first captain in its history. He has no limits; airsoft is just one of many extreme sports he is up to. As a mountain guide he has advanced surviving, rock and ice climbing skills with international first aid certificates. Climbed to mountains such as Aconcauga, Mont Blanc, Elbrus and trekked in Himalayas, Alps, Caucausians and Patagonia several times. Above all else he is an experienced industrial engineer. He also participated abroad airsoft organisations in Netherlands and Germany. His armory hosts a lot of H&K products with various German setups. Also reenacting German KSK and WW2 Grossdeutchland Division from time to time. Jack-of-all-Trades player who is both efficient in long range engagement and CQB.