Regional Captain-Sweden //


Mehmet Can Serin / Halfvikairsoft

I’m from Turkey and 32 years old.  I’m playing Airsoft since 2005.

At 2015, I moved to Sweden and started to play as a member of  Thor Company till 2017. After three years later, I have decided to join the Airsoft Anatolia.  My dreams came true and as of now I’m one of  their captain.

My gameplay style is mostly likely a long milsim style games more duty and missions type
I love being CQB and assault player but when needed I use my snipers skills  and be sneaky too.
Some of my airsoft weapons are Kriss Vector, Pp5, Ssg24,LR300 shortie version, 1911.

I’m really glad  to be a part of this family. I hope to see you all in the field.
mhv/ Halfvikairsoft