Serkan Türk

Kurucu - JG01 //



Literally the CEO of Anatolia. In the first quarter of 2012, Serkan was a member of a different airsoft team with Gokhan. They decided to left that team and create the squad of JAGD with a few people. Soon afterwards they mergered with the squad of Wolfpack in Eskisehir and decided to create a new team which will unite all of the squads. So in the mid of 2012, Anatolia borned. Acted very careful about recruitment ever since. That is one of the main reasons that makes Anatolia one of the most elite airsoft communities in the world. Takes a close interest in new players, funny and disciplined personality. He is a sales manager in a very famous food company. Serkans’ armory comprises of more than 4 assault rifles and a Krytac LMG. Takes part as both assault and support player so he is efficient in long range and CQB both. Multicam, Ranger Green and Flecktarn. Also reenacting German KSK from time to time.


Krytac War Sport Licensed LVOA-C M4 VFC HK416 KWA KM4A1 E&L - AK 47 CQB Tokyo Marui COLT 1911 Tokyo Marui GLOCK G17 Gen3