Kayra Kurt


Civil engineer with lots of skills…Kayra joined JAGD and Anatolia in the same year which in 2017. Positive personality with a advanced electronic and photography skills, a drummer and developer of Airsoft Anatolia’s web site. With his fully upgraded assault rifle with from Umbrella Armory and a Novritsch SSG24 rifle, he is very dangerous in long range engagements. In short, as of his saying; likes to shoot people literally and figuratively.

Onat Kara

191 cm
85 kg

Best use in close quarter battle; youngest member of Anatolia has joined the team shortly after age of 18. Created his own squad in 2017. However a year later he disbanded his squad and joined JAGD because of multiple reasons. Currently studying industrial engineering. Because he likes nightlife a little too much, he misses some important from organizations time to time. Reckless personality. He also participated various airsoft organization in different countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Finland. One type armory of his contains a couple of black setups, lots of submachine guns and shotguns. Easy bait in long range engagements. Swift and durable player efficient in CQB. Also known for reenactment with his British SAS and GIGN setups.

İlker Bulca

One of the founding members of Anatolia. Funny and positive personality, great photography skills. He is the only player who owns a Systema training rifle among the team, so he can even beat some snipers in long range as an assault player. Not the player you want to encounter in long range engagements. Recently, due to his personal job, he has moved to the city of Izmir, which doesn’t have Anatolia team or squad. He had to have a break for Airsoft for some time.

Tolga Kıroğlu


Tech guy; even tho Tolga has joined Anatolia late of 2017, he joined the Ankara management and the squad of JAGD such a short time. Advanced electronic skills with a profession of drone pilot along with next level photography skill. He has also very critic duty which organizing games in Ankara. Sundust known with long range engagement due to his long range krytac and ssg24 sniper rifle. Also with more than 3 completed different setups he has a really big armory.